Putas chicas

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Storman - 2 Noviembre 18:04


Harley - 12 Octubre 17:23

That's so gay. I know how I react, because I've been there several times. If I know the person, I kindly request they repeat the question, while also reminding them that I am gay myself. If I don't know the person, I wait for a prudent moment to bring up the fact that I'm gay and that what they said is wrong.

Wozney - 22 Diciembre 07:24

This is really beautiful girl, boobs, on her who cares, she is just not your average girll

Hashaway - 20 Augusto 17:53

Surely if it's unisex everyone uses stalls. I'm all for unisex but I really don't want the possibility of seeing some stranger'sВ penis or indeed the smell that comes from urinals.

Sidell - 5 Diciembre 11:13

Ask her come n see me. I'm a malaysian guy